About The Little Big Trellis Company

From small beginnings Canterbury Trellis rapidly expanded to become Canterbury’s leading manufacturer of trellis.

The Little Big Tree Company acquired the business’ assets in 2022 and have set up manufacturing trellis on the The Little Big Tree Company yard as The Little Big Trellis Company.

We believe that only quality products should leave the factory, which is why our premium grade framing and lattice timber is custom supplied in a thicker gauge than offered by other trellis manufacturers.

All our products are custom made to suit your individual needs and we are happy to work with your builder, architect or landscape designer to ensure you get the end result you desire and turn your vision into reality.

Located in Sawyers Arms Road, we sometimes offer the convenience of onsite sales for your other fencing needs with posts, rails and boards available on request.

Our Trellis

We manufacture a standard range of trellis products as well as “custom” designs, contemporary venetian, square designs, and framed trellis.

Trellis is a versatile fencing product that has a multitude of uses around your property from privacy toppers on fences to gas bottle surrounds and wind breaks.

We can offer advice on what trellis to use around your property, how to install and many handy hints.

Superior Trellis

The Little Big Trellis Company is the only trellis manufacturer to use a thicker grade of batten & framing timbers in our trellis products, because of this and our production methods you can be assured that trellis purchased from The Little Big Trellis Company will not fall apart and is more resistant to abuse and general wear & tear.

We offer a range of different faming options depending on the size and use of the trellis. Custom panels are no problem for our team and the inclusion of angles, cut outs and steps means our panels can be made to fit those difficult corners and spaces with ease.



Our Trellis is

  • Thicker lattice
  • Thicker framing timber
  • Knot free lattice *
  • Custom sized to suit your requirements
  • Produced in either treated Pine
  • Custom cut to fit those tricky jobs
  • Supplied to anywhere in NZ  (freight extra)
  • Renewable timber timber supplies



Premium Framing

70mm x 35mm

Generally used for smaller trellis panels less than 1800mm wide.



Trellis Batten

The Little Big Trellis Company prides itself on using high quality battens in the manufacture of our trellis products. We produce knot free H3 Treated Pine clears which is substantially thicker than other manufacturers ours, being 38mm x 12mm gauge.

Commonly bulk manufacturers and retail suppliers produce and sell in 8mm or even 6mm thick batten which is often as narrow as 25mm with knots and blemishes present throughout the panel.

We pride ourselves on our quality control in timber selection and only manufacture with the best products.


Our Batten                              Other suppliers Batten

38mm x 12mm                              35mm x 8mm


 Trellis Made To Last

  • Thick 12mm Batten
  • Thicker Framing Timber
  • Double Stapled
  • 22mm Diversion Point Staples
  • 75mm Locking Screws
  • 45 Degree Corner Cuts
  • Custom made to required sizes
  • New Zealand Owned
  • New Zealand Renewable Timbers

How to Install Trellis

Fence Toppers

How to Install Fence Toppers